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How to Lubricate Rubber Bands for Motors

It is important to lubricate rubber bands before using them to run a motor.
Messy Rubber Bands image by MrGreenBug from Fotolia.com

Rubber bands serve as the motor of many model planes, boats, cars and other vehicles. Lubricating the rubber bands prolongs their life and power, reducing the possibility of breakage. The bands must be strong and flexible. This is especially true for those competing in a space derby or similar competition.

Soaking in Castor Oil

Fill a bowl with castor oil one day before a race, or before using the rubber bands on your motor.

Submerge the rubber bands in the castor oil. The oil should cover the entire surface of the rubber bands.

Allow the rubber bands to soak overnight. Remove the rubber bands from the oil, and blot off the excess.

Rub With Glycerin

Fill a container with two-parts green soap, one-part glycerin and one-part water.

Mix the ingredients with a clean stirring-stick or spoon.

Rub the glycerin mixture onto the sides of the rubber bands at least one hour before use. Dip the rubber band into the glycerin mixture; work it into the rubber bands with your finger.

Place the rubber bands onto a table for an hour, allowing the glycerin mixture to soak into the rubber bands.

Things You'll Need:

  • Bowls
  • Castor oil
  • Green soap
  • Glycerin
  • Water
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