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A List of Scrap Metal Items

Recycling scrap metal helps the environment.
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Most homes, businesses, manufacturing facilities and farms have items that constitute scrap metal. With a little research, you should be able to find companies in your area that will buy scrap metal from you. Knowing what scrap metals items can be recycled can help you focus on them.

Household Scrap Metal

Every household ends up with scrap metal at some point. A comprehensive list of household scrap metal items is probably impossible to put together, but a short list can give you a good idea of what constitutes household scrap metal: air conditioners, aluminum cans, metal boats, bikes, brass items, cars, car parts, batteries, copper, gym equipment, lawn mowers, radiators, stainless steel, bed frames, bicycles, car jacks, basketball hoops, carriages and strollers, cast iron tubs, garage door openers, golf clubs, fans, metal file cabinets, mail boxes, gutters, washers, dryers, range hoods, stoves, toaster ovens, theaters, freezers, hot water heaters, humidifiers, ironing boards, ladders, storm doors, dog crates, lamps, tire rims, refrigerators, metal drums, mopeds, metal shelving shovels, pots and pans and ski racks.

Precious Scrap Metal

If you have gold, platinum or silver jewelry that you no longer wear or that are missing parts that cannot be replaced, or metal coins you no longer want, you may want to sell them as scrap metal to jewelers or others who will buy precious scrap metals. These dealers will buy earrings, bracelets, necklaces, tie pins, money holders, coins and the like and pay a discounted price based on the price of the commodity on the day you sell.

Business and Farm Scrap Metal

Scrap metal from businesses and farms can be sold as well. Some scrap metal items generated by business and farms include tractors and related equipment, tools, filing cabinets, signs, ladders, nails, staples, storage bins, metal chairs and desks, pipes, troughs, spigots, metal drums, wheelbarrows, metal buckets, oil and propane tanks, wagons, water tanks, metal sheds, buses, caravans, highway trailers, construction equipment, excavators, loaders and the like. There are dealers that specialize in farm scrap metal.

Finding a Dealer

You can find thousands of dealers in scrap metal on the Internet. You are likely to get the highest prices from dealers who specialize in and know the commodity prices for the scrap metal you are offering for sale. This is particularly true in the case of precious scrap metal.

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