List of Foods You Can't Eat Before You Sing

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Singing is comparable to an athletic performance. It takes stamina and aerobic effort to give a professional performance. How you prepare your body makes a big difference. Eating two hours before a performance, staying away from foods that dry your vocal cords, and staying hydrated with plenty of water will combine to maximize your vocal performance. Avoiding the wrong foods is essential to keeping in top singing shape.

Dairy Products and Mucous

If you must have milk, try soy milk which does not contain dairy products.
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The lactose in dairy products increases the mucous in your nose and throat resulting in excessive throat clearing. Throat clearing is traumatic to your vocal cords, possibly resulting in vocal injury. Bananas are another food that increases mucous in your system and is counterproductive to healthy singing.


Decaffeinated sodas are better than caffeinated, but water is a healthier choice.
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Caffeinated drinks dehydrate your body, drying out your throat, mouth and vocal cords. Sodas, especially those containing caffeine, are also drying. Carbonated sodas put excess air in your stomach, which may result in burping during a performance. If you must have caffeine, keep it to a minimum and drink two glasses of water for every one glass of caffeinated beverage.

Spicy Food and Carbohydrates

Fried foods are high in carbohydrates and salt which dry your throat.
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Avoid overly spicy food. They dehydrate the body and can cause throat inflammation. This type of food can also irritate your vocal cords. Junk food, fast food, and food with high fat content often contain excessive salt, which dries your mouth and throat. These food categories are known to increase acid reflux – stomach acid moving back up toward the throat) -- which aggravates the esophagus, throat, and vocal cords. Many spicy foods are high in carbohydrates that drain your body of energy as it works harder to digest them. You will experience fatigue resulting in less energy on performance day.


Nuts and pretzels may leave remnants in your mouth long after you eat.
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Nuts and crumbly snack food may lodge between teeth or around your gums and the residue left in your mouth can cause choking. These food bits can irritate your vocal cords as well, causing a singer to clear her throat excessively. Avoid these foods on the day of a singing gig.


Beware of buffets that lead to overeating.
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Too much of any food can cause problems when you sing. Overeating fills the stomach and gets in the way when you attempt to breathe deeply from your diaphragm , a skill all singers must develop. If you cannot breathe deeply, you cannot fill your diaphragm properly and will not be able to produce strong vocals nor sustain your breath as you sing. Overeating can also cause discomfort from cramping. When possible, eat a light meal at least two hours before a performance.

Cold Substances

Do not drink ice water close to performance time.
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Drinking cold beverages or eating cold food are harmful to your throat before a performance. The cold will cause your throat and vocal cords to constrict and will stiffen your voice. We need warm vocal cords and throats for optimal performance. Drink lukewarm or warm water and stay away from frozen treats at least an hour before your sing.