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Digital Watches That Automatically Change Time

A radio-controlled watch can adjust automatically in various time zones.
Blue digital wrist watch image by GenerImageN from Fotolia.com

If you are a frequent traveler who traverses between various time zones, you probably want a watch that can reset itself. Several such digital watches are radio controlled, and always accurate because they are updated by information over-the-air. These watches correct themselves during daylight savings time periods as well.

Arcron-Zeit AAWP4S5

A radio-controlled Swiss quartz watch, the Arcron-Zeit is a good option for international traveling because of features that manage global time zone changes and daylight savings time. It automatically synchronizes to the National Institute of Standards and Technology time.

Casio G-Shock Atomic Solar Model BW700

This is a shock-resistant, solar-powered atomic watch with functions such as atomic time keeping and a time recorder. Time calibration radio signals keep the displayed time accurate. It can provide hourly time signals and an automatic calendar that is preprogrammed until 2099. It also has power-saving options.

Casio Women's Baby G-Black Whale Digital Watch

Designed for women, this Casio model is shock-resistant and up to 200-meter water-resistant. Key features include hourly time signals, auto calendar, databank pages and memory capacity of up to 25 sets of data. It adjusts automatically according to the time zone.

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