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How to Set Chimes on a Rhythm Clock


The 4 by 4 mode will need to cycle past the first hour after the time has been set to function correctly. This is a normal function.

Most Rhythm’s musical wall and table clocks have a night shut-off sensor. The clock will automatically stop all sounds when it’s dark. It is normal for the sound to stop when it gets dark.

Rhythm Clocks create magical enjoyment with rich sound and an enchanting display of moving parts every hour on the hour. Rhythm clocks are made with either a Clarion Sound System or Dynamic Wave Sound. Rhythm clocks, depending on the model, have the ability to play a variety music that include show tunes, recording artists and even Christmas music.

Your Rhythm Clock is brand new or an older beloved timepiece and the chimes are silent. The chimes must be set in either case for them to fully function. Setting the Chimes on your Rhythm Clock is a simple procedure. This procedure applies to new or old Rhythm clocks. It begins like any kind of repair by checking the most basic obvious things that can cause the clock to not function optimally.

Check the On/Off Switch

Work on the clock in a well-lit room to avoid activating the night shut-off sensor.

Examine the outside of the clock to find the "On/Off" switch. The switch is located either in the back or the side of the clock.

Check that the "On/Off" switch is in the “On” position. In the "Off" position all the clock’s sound is stopped.

Set the Chimes

Remove the battery cover, remove the batteries and check for dead batteries. If the chimes have stopped this could be the cause.

Set the time of the clock to 5:50 AM by turning the hand clockwise. To switch the time from AM to PM pass 12 o’clock with the hand. Note: batteries should be out of the clock for this step.

Replace dead batteries with fresh ones or insert the existing good batteries. If the clock is new, and the clock is being set up for the first time, insert fresh batteries. Be certain the batteries are in correctly as this can cause the clock not to work. This sets the melody function automatically at 5:00 AM, regardless of the time on the clock.

Set the clock to the correct time by turning the hand clockwise. To change between AM and PM pass 12 o’clock with the clock hand. Make certain the time is correctly set to AM or PM. As the hand forwards through time chimes will sound but just keep moving the hand to the correct time.

When the correct time is set the chimes will sound properly.

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