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Liquid Glass Crafts

Liquid glass can protect paper craft projects such as scrapbooks.
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Liquid glass is an epoxy resin crafters use to add shine, seal crafts against water damage and keep them looking fresh. Many different brands of epoxy resin use the name "Liquid Glass." Hobbyists have found many uses for the product, which is available in craft stores and which should not be confused with the car polish of the same name.

Paper Crafts

Liquid glass's most common use is as a clear coating on paper crafts. Crafters usually first cover paper items with a glue coating before applying liquid glass. It can help preserve finished puzzles, preventing peeling of the paper surface or loss of pieces. You can also make parts of a project stand out by coating only them.

Dolls and Dollhouses

Dollmakers can make their creation's eyes sparkle, make plain black shoes look like patent leather or make windows appear glassy with a swipe of liquid glass. Adding coats adds thickness to a project and creates a layer that looks like glass. You can also coat food items such as meat or cakes to make them appear more real.


Model train afficinados and miniature makers can use colored liquid glass to simulate water and liquids. You can add color to the liquid glass using special resin color sold in craft stores to create water. You can add drops to leaves or petals on miniature plants to create dew. You can make miniature lights appear to glow by tinting the liquid glass yellow and coating the bulbs.

Preserving Flowers

You can preserve pressed, dried or fresh flowers by adding several coats of liquid glass to them. You can then create jewelry from these preserved pieces or add them to scrapbooks or keepsakes. You can also coat pressed flower art work after it is complete.

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