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How to Find Lead With a Metal Detector

You can find a lot of interesting items with a metal detector.
detector de metales image by Marco Antonio Fdez. from Fotolia.com

Searching for metal items with a metal detector can be a fun and exciting hobby. People across the country frequently search fields, parks, beaches and parks for all kinds of metal objects. One common metal that people look for with metal detectors is lead. Finding lead items requires a bit of planning and a bit of luck.

Practice using your metal detector. Place various sizes of lead objects around your backyard. If possible, cover them with a little dirt. Turn on your metal detector and slowly move it over each item. Pay attention to the sound it makes. You'll need to be very familiar with the sound so you know when your metal detector has detected lead.

Find places to look for lead objects. Common places include parks, fields, beaches, abandoned areas, along natural bodies of water and old farms. Make a list of places you're willing to travel to.

Get permission from the owner before searching private property. Let the owner know that you're primarily searching for lead objects, not objects that are traditionally more valuable, such as gold, silver and platinum. If possible, get the owner's permission in writing so there are no disputes later.

Move your metal detector slowly over each area you search listening carefully for the sound that lead objects make. Be sure to look under rocks, in bushes and around trees. When you find a lead object, search all around that area more carefully. You may be able to find more objects near the first one.

Things You'll Need:

  • Metal detector
  • Lead objects
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