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Korg Triton Specifications

Korg released the original Triton keyboard in 1999. The Triton replaced the company’s Trinity model. Korg’s Triton comes in three versions: the Classic Triton with 61-keys; the Triton pro, which features a 76-key platform; and the Triton proX, which features 88-weighted keys, just like a standard piano. The Triton line features many improvements over its predecessor, including 62-voice polyphony and on-board sampling.

Tone Generation

The Korg Triton uses a hyper-integrated synthesis system to create 62-voice polyphony when used in the single voice mode and 31-voice polyphony when used in double-voice mode. Both modes use 62 oscillators to produce sound. The Triton also uses a 24-decibel-per-octave low pass filter with resonance and a 12-decibel-per-octave low pass plus high pass filter.

Waveform Memory

The Triton comes equipped with 32 megabytes of PCM ROM memory that holds 425 multi-samples and 413 drum samples. Users can expand the PCM ROM memory via optional memory expansion ROMs. The Triton also has 16 megabytes of user-sampling RAM memory, expandable to 64 megabytes.


The Korg Triton features 48 kilohertz, 16-bit linear sampling. The keyboard can accept AIFF, WAVE, Akai S1000 and S3000 and Korg-formatted sample files.


The Triton comes equipped with five effect inserts (stereo in and out), two master effects (mono in and stereo out), one master three-band stereo equalizer plus 102 effect types.


The Triton’s build-in sequencer has 16-timbre capability over 16 individual tracks plus one master track. The sequencer has a 200,000 note maximum capacity and a resolution of 1/192 of a whole note. The sequencer has a maximum 200-song capacity, 20 cue lists and 100 user patterns per song.


Korg’s Triton has 512 user memory combinations, 640 user memory programs and 256 drum ROM programs. The unit also has an additional nine drum ROM programs that are general MIDI 2 compatible. Additionally, the Triton features 64 user drum kits and nine ROM general MIDI drum kits that are general MIDI 2 compatible.


The Triton features a stereo output (the left side also functions as a mono output) plus four individual mono outputs. The maximum output level is +13.5 dBu. The Triton also comes equipped with two audio inputs that function as microphone or line inputs. The unit has a selector switch to change between line and mic settings. The Triton also has MIDI IN/OUT and THRU jacks.

Dimensions and Weight

The Classic Triton measures 42.29 inches wide, 13.72 inches deep and 4.8 inches high. The Triton pro measures 50.44 inches wide, 13.72 inches deep and 4.8 inches high while the Triton proX measures 57.95 inches wide, 17.19 inches deep and 5.39 inches high. The units weigh 31.3 lbs., 36.4 lbs. and 63 lbs., respectively.

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