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Intimate Card Games for Couples

Various card games can enhance romance between couples.
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Relationships can sometimes become monotonous and boring. If you desire to liven them up, however, you can play intimate card games that can bring you and your partner closer and spice up the romance. You can play anytime or on occasions such as Valentine's Day or your anniversary. Invent games or purchase them at adult-themed stores. Some games may call for props like boas, wine and candles to set the mood. Add an intimate card game to your romantic plans.

Romantic Nights

Experience an intimate idea every week for a year, using a card game.
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Romance should not be just for certain occasions. You can play a card game each week to enhance romance between you and your partner. 52 Weeks of Romance is a game using scratch off cards. Once the cards are scratched, they reveal romantic things to do with your partner. You can create your own romantic cards if you prefer. There are companies that can make them for you.

Please Me Card Game

Make variations of popular games by using your imagination for romantic ideas.
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Use a regular deck of brand new playing cards and write romantic gestures or acts on each of the red face cards -- or as many as you wish. Writing with permanent markers will ensure no smudging occurs. Play any card game you like with your lover. When either of you draws a card with a romantic message, you must do what it says. This way, you can share intimate moments and show gestures of appreciation and love.

Make the messages anything both of you feel comfortable doing, such as giving back rubs, foot massages, doing chores in sexy clothing, kissing various body parts and complimenting the other person.

Romance With Each Draw

This is a game couples can play anywhere. Play any card game as you normally would, yet make an agreement beforehand that each of you will show intimacy for the length of time -- in minutes -- indicated by each number card. For example, if you are playing "Go Fish" and draw a numerical card -- perhaps a six of any suit -- you would kiss, hug, gaze into your partner's eyes or some other intimate act, for six minutes. Playing this way creates extra physical connection and builds intimacy.

Strip Variations

Poker is a card game that can be intimate between players.
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Strip poker is a known intimate card game. It's played the same as regular poker, except the loser must remove a piece of clothing. Any card game can become intimate when the loser of each hand removes a piece of clothing. Play soft music and add props such as candles to create a romantic setting. The winner is the person wearing the most clothing at the end of several rounds.

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