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Instructions for a Tricky Triangle

The Tricky Triangle is another name for a triangle Peg-Board game that consists of 15 holes and 14 pegs. The triangle is usually made of wood and the pegs come in colorful plastics. It's a one-player game, but challenge your friends by seeing who can remove the most pegs. At some restaurants, this game is sitting at each table for guests to test their brain while waiting for their food.

Place all the pegs into the holes, leaving one hole open. It is up to you where you would like to keep the open hole.

Move one peg at a time by jumping over one other peg into an empty hole.

Remove each peg that has been jumped. Your goal is to leave one peg left on the board. If you are unable to jump anymore pegs, the game is over.

Count how many pegs you have left on the board. The board will tell you what level you are by how many pegs you have left on the board.


Leave the hole at the top of the triangle open. This is one way to solve the puzzle. You just have to figure out the rest of the jumps.

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