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Instructions for the Scrambled States of America Game

Use the Scrambled States of America game to learn information about the various states.
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Scrambled States of America is a board game designed for children ages eight and up. Played by two to four players, Scrambled States of America is a geography-based game that requires players to match States cards with Scramble cards. Unlike the regular map of the United States, the States in this game have lost their way and it is your duty to send them home to their proper place on the map.

Give each player a map of the United States as a point of reference.

Separate the States cards (blue) from the Scramble cards (red) and shuffle each pile. Place each deck face down in the center of the playing area.

Deal five States cards face up to each player. Place your cards in a row to form your “States Line.” Each State card has the state’s name, picture of the state, its capital and its nickname. Study your State cards so you are familiar with the information on each.

Flip over the top card of the Scramble deck if you are the player to the left of the dealer. Read the card aloud. The Scramble deck has two types of cards: Find-It and Go the Distance. Find-It cards have various challenges to complete. For example, the card may ask you to match the color on the card to one on your States cards (each state picture is color-coded).

Match one of your state cards with the Scramble Find-It challenge. For example, if the Scramble card reads, “It is Orange,” slap your Vermont card (which is orange) onto the pile and shout out “Vermont!” Go the Distance cards require you to find one of your State cards that is closest to the state mentioned on the card. For example, if the state is Montana, find the card in your “State Line” that is geographically closest to Montana. The player with the closest state wins.

Place your state card to the side of your playing area if you were the fastest player to slap a card. This pile is known as the “Home Pile” and indicates that your state has successfully made it home.

Select the top card from the States pile so you always have five states in your “State Line.”

Flip over the next Scramble card if you sent a state home and follow the instructions.

Place a card from your “Home Pile” into your “State Line” if you slapped your card improperly. For example, you would do this if you did not declare the state name. This is known as a "Slip Slap."

Continue playing until all of the Scramble cards have been played. Tally your states that you had sent home. The player with the most wins.

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