Instructions for Using the Endless Embroidery Hoop

The endless embroidery hoop is an amazing tool for home embroiderers. Not only will it allow you to embroider endless borders, but also endless designs. All top-of-the-line embroidery machines offer an endless hoop, and if the manufacturer of your machine does not, there are generic endless hoops that may work. The endless hoop is easy to use, but it may take you a couple tries to master it. Use your hoop template and print out the design before attempting to stitch it for better results.

Things You'll Need

  • Endless Hoop Compatible With Your Machine
  • Embroidery Machine
  • Fabric Pen
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Hoop Template
  • Thread Snips
  • Fabric
  • Stabilizer

Choose your design, load it to your computer and print it out. Lay your fabric flat and smooth out any wrinkles. Place your printed design on the fabric where you want the design. Lay your hoop template on top of the printed design. The printed picture is used only to help place center design marks on the fabric for the embroidery process.

Poke a hole through the center of your design using your fabric pen. Gently mark the center of your design on your fabric using the fabric pen through the paper. Remove the printed paper but leave the hoop template. Draw a large plus sign following your hoop template's center lines, and remove the template.This will help center your embroidery design once you are ready to stitch the design out.

Lift the top portion of the hoop up using the lever. Refer to the hoop's manual if you need assistance. Place a piece of embroidery stabilizer on the bottom hoop. Embroidery stabilizer stabilizes the material so the design will stitch out correctly.

Place the fabric over the stabilizer and close the top portion of the hoop using the lever. The fabric should be centered in the hoop, and the markings should be inside the hoop, since you will be embroidering that area.

Insert the hoop into the hoop area on your embroidery machine, and stitch as normal. When you are ready to move the fabric, lift the top hoop using the lever and reposition the fabric using the markings as a guide. Start stitching again. Continue repositioning the fabric until your design is complete.