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Instructions for the Joker "Marble Pursuit" Game

"Marble Pursuit" is a marble board game for the whole family. It involves an action-packed race around a board to see which player can be the first to get all of her marbles into a marble launch strip. It is played with two to six players, who all start with an equal number of marbles. The instructions are easy to follow as the game play is determined by instructional cards that tell you what to do at every turn.

Give each player five marbles. Shuffle and deal the deck of cards so each player gets five cards.

Draw a card from the pile and add it to your hand if you are the player to the left of the dealer. Choose a card from your hand that you would like to play. Follow the instructions on the card as to how many marbles you can move and how many spaces you can move. Move the marbles in a clockwise direction around the board.

Discard the card in the middle of the board. The player to your left has the next turn. Each player must draw a card and move marbles as directed, even if the move is not to his advantage.

Place your marble in the same spot as an opponent's marble to send that opposing marble back to the start position. You can jump over an opponent's marble, but you may not jump over your own. If the only move available to you involves jumping over your own marble, you will have to forfeit your turn. The first person to move all of his marbles around the board and load them into the marble launch strip is the winner.

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