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Instructions for Double Twelve Dominoes

Double twelve dominoes allow more players to play.
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Double twelve dominoes sets include additional players in standard dominoes games. With 91 dominoes ranging from a double blank to a double twelve, these dominoes can be used exactly like other dominoes sets. Although no specific double twelve dominoes game exists, Mexican Train is a popular game that is best played with double twelve dominoes sets. This game is often sold in sets with special markers and connecting hubs, but can be played with any double twelve domino set.

Set aside the double twelve domino.

Turn the other dominoes face down and mix them together.

Draw the proper number of dominoes depending on the number of players: Two or three players draw 16, four players draw 15, five players draw 14, six players draw 12, seven players draw 10, and eight players draw 9. Players can draw their dominoes simultaneously or taking turns. Each player should organize his dominoes so that other players cannot see them.

Organize a personal train out of the dominoes in your hand but do not show them to the other players. The train is made by placing end-matching dominoes in a line (example: 12-9, 9-2, 2-4, 4-6 and so on). Start with a 12-ended domino and use as many dominoes as possible. Set the remaining dominoes aside as extras to be played on the Mexican train.

Place the remaining tiles into a “train yard” pile.

Position the double twelve domino in the center of the table.

Start game play. The first player can place a twelve-ended domino with the twelve-ended side touching the double twelve base and the other end pointing toward him to begin his personal train. The player can also opt to place a twelve-ended domino along the edge of the table to form the Mexican train.

Move clockwise around the table. The next player can start her personal train with a twelve-ended domino or add onto the Mexican train with an end-matching domino. Continue game play around the table.

Draw a domino from the train yard if there are no playable dominoes in your pile. A domino cannot be drawn from the train yard if there are any playable tiles in your pile, even if it requires removing a domino you had intended for your personal train and placing it on the Mexican train.

Place a marker on the end of your personal train if you have drawn a domino and are still unable to play. This marker allows other players to add to your personal train. Remove the marker when you add to your personal train again.

Attach doubles perpendicular to the rest of the train. A player who places a double must place another domino on the double or on another train. If another domino cannot be played, the player must draw. If the drawn domino cannot be played, the player’s turn ends. Subsequent players cannot play on any other trains until another domino has been attached to the double. If subsequent players cannot satisfy the double even after drawing, they must place a train marker on their personal trains and pass play to the next player. If multiple doubles are played, they must be satisfied in the order they were played.

Tap the last domino in your pile on the table after you play the second-to-last domino. This notifies other players that you have only one domino remaining.

End the game when one player runs out of dominoes or when the game is stalled because no players can play their dominoes and the train yard is empty.

Start subsequent games using the double that is one number lower than the previous round. Repeat these instructions using that double instead of the double twelve. A full game involves 13 rounds.

Score each players’ remaining tiles by counting the pips, or dots. The lowest total score wins.

Things You'll Need:

  • Double twelve dominoes
  • Two or more players
  • Small marker pieces


Markers can be small toys, candies, or even pieces of paper.


  • When the train yard is empty, players must pass instead of drawing tiles.
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