Inner Envelope Etiquette for Wedding Invitations

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A wedding invitation includes many components, including an inner envelope in addition to an outer envelope. Knowing the correct etiquette for how to use the inner envelope and how to address it will ensure your guests receive a polished invite to your wedding.


WIth your wedding invitation on the table, place your tissue, reception card, response card and any other enclosures on top of it. Pick the pile up, and place all of these inside the inner envelope. Place the inner envelope in the outer envelope with the wording facing the enclosure so that when guests open it, the wording faces them.


The inner envelope has no glue on the back of it to seal it shut. It is also just a little bit smaller than the outer envelope.


The purpose of an inner envelope is so that guests have a clean, crisp envelope without the address, labeling and postage on it. Invitations used to be delivered by hand so that guests always received a clean envelope. This tradition continues today with an inner envelope.


The outer envelopes include first and last names. The inner envelope only includes Mr. or Mrs. and a last name.


Use a calligrapher to spell out the names on the inner envelope with nice penmanship. You can also print the envelopes in a script.