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How to Identify Red Wing Pottery

Identify Red Wing Pottery

The collectible Red Wing pottery originally debuted as the Red Wing Stoneware Co. in 1877. During the years Red Wing has been in business, it produced clay products under six different names. Although the Minnesota plant closed in 1967, stoneware production was relaunched when John Falconer acquired the rights to the Red Wing Stoneware Co. in 1984. The company changed hands again in 1998, but it continues to produce stoneware under the Red Wing Stoneware name. If you believe you have a genuine Red Wing product, you should consult an expert for confirmation.

Learn about Red Wing pottery groups. Red Wing pottery is separated into four groups; art pottery, dinnerware, stoneware and odds and ends. Each group may feature a different but distinct Red Wing house-mark.

Look on the bottom of a piece to see if there is a Red Wing stamp or logo. Although the house-mark changed over the years, every piece of Red Wing pottery will have one.

Use available resources for information. "Red Wing Stoneware: An Identification and Value Guide" by Dan DePasquale, Gail Peck and Larry Peterson, and "Red Wing Art Pottery" by Ray Reiss are great resources to help you identify Red Wing pottery products. If your local library does not carry the books, you should be able to purchase them online.

Contact the experts at the Red Wing Collectors Society (see Resources) to help you further identify a piece with a Red Wing mark on it. Simply provide the experts with a detailed description and a photograph of the pottery. If the experts are able to identify the piece as a genuine Red Wing product, they may also be able to give you the current value.

Contact a reputable dealer or auction house that may also be able to help you to identify Red Wing products as well as provide a certificate of authenticity.


Red Wing pottery was produced under the six different names: Red Wing Stoneware Company (1877-1906; 1984-present) Minnesota Stoneware Company (1883-1906) North Star Stoneware Company (1892-1896) Union Stoneware Company (1894-1906) Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. (1906-1936) Red Wing Potteries (1936-1967)


  • Red Wing house-marks changed several times. If you are purchasing Red Wing pottery, be sure to confirm that the terms of the sale include a guarantee of authenticity.
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