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How to Identify a National Cash Register

National cash registers are usually clearly marked with
George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The National Cash Register company, also known as NCR, was the first company to produce a version of cash registers that resemble the cash registers used today. Made using red brass, nickel plate and oxidized copper and wood, National cash registers are known for their beautiful ornate designs. The most ornate registers were created in the late 1800s to 1915. After 1915, the company changed the production of their registers using a less expensive steel case.

Locate the brass or nickel plate on the front of the cash register. It is usually located just underneath the glass window. It will have a series of numbers on it.

Look at the model number on the brass or nickel plate. It is generally a one-, two-, three- or four-digit number on a brass tag on the front of the machine. Close by should be the serial number; it is a five or more digit number generally in the 100,000s or millions. If the serial number begins with an S, the machine was reworked and resold by NCR.

Check the front of the cash drawer. Many National cash registers have the name "National" across the front. The logo should be raised and made with the same material as the rest of the cash register. The wood registers have the word "National" stamped in gold.

View the serial number chart (see Resources) to determine when your National cash register was manufactured.

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