How to Identify Collectible Marbles

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Manufactured by hand or by machine, marbles come in varying sizes, colors and patterns. Their manufacturing date, colors, patterns and manufacturing methods make them collectible. Learning to identify collectible marbles can be very confusing at first due to the sheer number of color combinations and patterns. You can recognize patterns and colors by viewing as many correctly identified collectible marbles as possible.

Identify the marble's type by recognizing its patterns and colors.

Use a caliper to measure the size of the marble(s) in question. Circle templates can also help you identify the difference between machine or handmade marbles.


Name the manufacturer by learning the difference between marble manufacturers and their marble-making methods. Carry and study a marble identification book written by an expert in marble collectibles.


Date the marble's origination using the information gathered in Steps 1 to 3. Collect marbles made during the 1950's and earlier to gain a more valuable collection.


Things You'll Need

  • Jewelry loupe
  • Identification book
  • Calipers
  • Marble circle templates