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How to Identify Fred Bear Archery Compound Bows

Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images

Fred Bear makes a number of compound bows: the Attack, Assault, Strike, Charge, Young Gun, Apprentice and Ultra Light. Although these bows differ in weight, size, features and draw strength, they do have many parts in common: the cam, which smoothly moves the drawstring, the pocket limbs, and the multi-curved bow shape. However, many compound bows, made by other manufacturers such as Botch, have these features or others that look similar. Still, there is a simple and effective way to identify a Bear compound bow.

Hold the compound bow in both hands.

Turn the compound bow so that the cams are parallel to the ground.

Look near the shaft handle for the company name and logo, the silhouette of a bear as well as the word "Bear" in bold letters.

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