Ideas for Wood Crafts for Beginners

birdhouse -6 image by Rog999 from

Working with wood is a skill you can develop by starting out with simple woodworking projects. If you want to try your hand at wood crafts and need ideas for beginners, there are a variety of easy and fun projects to choose from. When selecting your project, make sure you already have or are able to obtain whatever tools you need to complete the job.


Making a wood sign is an easy way to get started with woodworking. Wood signs are often seen as welcome signs on businesses and homes. A 1-inch thick wooden board is an ideal size for making signs. Feel free to use this opportunity to experiment with stains and finishes.


Birdhouses are a common choice for beginning wood projects. Simple ones can be made from seven small pieces of wood to compose the roof, sides and bottom. Although cypress, cedar and mahogany are all common choices when making birdhouses, feel free to use the wood of your choice.

Key Chain Holder

A key chain holder is a good choice for a beginning woodworker since it doesn’t require a lot of measuring and cutting. This project can easily be created by taking a piece of scrap wood and screwing metal hooks into it. Sand and shape it as much or as little as you want. If you want to add a personal touch to your key chain holder, try carving your name or your favorite motto or quote on it.

Step Stool

You can make a small wood step stool with as little as four pieces of wood, which makes it ideal for beginners. Making a step stool gives you a chance to create something the whole family can use. It can be used in the kitchen and garage by adults to reach in high places or even by children when they’re not tall enough to reach sinks or other items.