Ideas for Save the Date Announcements

Sending "save the date" announcements gives guests advance notice of an upcoming event, such as a party, bridal or baby shower, wedding or graduation. Save the date announcements are especially helpful for destination weddings or event locations that require guests to make travel arrangements in advance. They set the mood and tone for the event because they are the first thing the guests see in regard to the event. Several options and ideas for save the date announcements are available.

Destination Weddings and Events

Destination weddings are typically vacations for the wedding guests. The save the date announcements should reflect the destination as well as set a relaxed vibe. For a beach destination wedding, make a "message in a bottle" by tying rolled up save the date documents with thin rope or twine and sticking it in a small bottle. Sand, sea shells, sunblock or sunglasses can be placed inside the bottle to further emphasize the beach theme. For a winter wedding, a customized snow globe with the couple's picture and save the date information can be created and mailed to the guests. Postcards are a unique save the date idea that landmarks the destination. If possible, mail them from the destination to get the official stamp.

Apply the same concepts if you are hosting an event at any destination other than your home town. For company retreats or corporate meetings that take place at a hotel, send a hotel-themed save the date announcement with a hotel room key, and a list of hotel amenities and services. Tailor the announcement to get people excited about the destination.

Save the Date Trends

Gone are the days when a simple save the date card was the only and best option of letting friends and family know of a special event. With today's technology and some quirky twists, some truly unique save the date trends have emerged. Refrigerator magnets are functional save the date announcements as they keep the guest's attention and can be designed to fit any event theme. They also serve as a keepsake from the event. Another save the date trend for weddings or events that honor a person are photo strips. Print out the photo strips from a traditional photo booth at the mall or movie theater; just have the save the date signs ready to hold in the booth. For example, the first picture can say "Save," the second picture can say "the" and the next picture can say "Date" and list the date and place for the event. Whimsical save the date announcements can be done on a pinwheel or fan. A concert ticket theme save the date is a unique and appropriate idea for a music-themed party or a musical event.

Save the Date Card

Sending classic save the date cards is still a popular form of announcing events to family, friends or colleagues. Save the date cards can be designed in a number of ways that allow for surprising graphics and bolder colors to be used. The colors and style clue in the guests on the event's theme and decor. A popular save the date card design incorporates a calendar featuring the event date circled. Guests have a clear idea of when the event takes place and can use the calendar all year long.