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Ideas for Costumes Related to Music

A guitarist may choose to dress in a guitar costume for his next costumed event.
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If you are interested in music, whether performing or just appreciating, consider a music-related costume. A music-themed costume can be fun to make and wear and will help you stand out in the crowd. Music costumes can also be utilized in live performances where music-related costumes are appropriate.

Modern Music Star Costumes

Modern musicians and rock stars are accustom to special treatment and the spotlight. Pretend to be one of these modern music stars by dressing like them. A rock star costume may take on the persona of a specific musician or singer, or may just feature a generic rock star. Wear heavy makeup (for both men and women) and tease your hair. Wear animal pattern and leather clothing. Carry a microphone with you whenever you go to emulate the look of a modern rock star.

Historic Music Figures Costumes

Choose a historic musical figure to use as a music-related costume. Mozart or Beethoven are two historic musical figures you can emulate. Wear a white wig and period clothing, which you can rent at a costume shop. Carry a small, toy piano with you to complete the costume. You could even choose to dress like a lesser known composer or musician and have the fun of educating others when they ask you who you are dressed as.

Musical Symbols Costumes

A literal interpretation of a music-themed costume is to dress like a musical symbol. Use cardboard to cut out a large musical note. Spay paint it black or silver and add some glitter. Wear a black sweatsuit and use duct tape to secure the note to the outfit. You could also go as a piece of sheet music. Use a rectangular shaped piece of foam core and draw the notes to your favorite song. Attach the sheet music to a black sweat suit with duct tape.

Instruments & Other Musical Costumes

A musician may enjoy dressing up as her favorite instrument. Create a piano costume by attaching a rectangular box to another slightly smaller rectangular box. Spray paint both boxes black and add white keys to the edge of the smaller box. Punch a hole at the top of the bigger box so you can put your head through it. Cut two arm holes as well. A music box is another fun music related costume. Create a big box around the wearer that is decorated to look like a music box. The person wearing the costume can wear a tutu and be the ballerina that typically dances inside of music boxes.

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