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How to Find a Song to Match a Personality

Find a song to match any personality.
Emotion image by Indigo Fish from Fotolia.com

While an angry person might enjoy a happy song like Katrina & The Waves' "Walking on Sunshine," he's also likely to enjoy music that better fits his personality. There are some websites that categorize songs by different moods, such as gutsy or romantic, or you can use your own intuition. After you find a song to match a personality, whether for you or a friend, you can use it in a playlist.

Go to All Music (allmusic.com).

Click on "Moods" in the "site menu" at the top right of the screen.


Click on a mood that matches the personality trait of the person in mind. For example, you could click on "aggressive" or "joyous."


Click on "Click here for full list" under "Songs."

Choose a song from the "Significant Songs" list. For example, in the "Calm/Peaceful" list, you would find songs like Ella Fitzgerald's "Black Coffee" and the Association's "Cherish."


Preview the song at a streaming music service such as Grooveshark (grooveshark.com) or Last.fm.

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