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Ideas for Basement Rope Columns

Rope can be used for creative home decorating.
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Unusual decor can turn a basement den, rec room or office from an average space into an interesting and stimulating environment. Supporting columns are frequently a structural necessity that need to be transformed into design strengths when renovating a basement. Since you can't remove them, you may as well decorate them and make them into interesting design accents.

Rope Spirals

The fastest and easiest way to make a rope column in your basement is to spiral the rope around the column. Tie the rope to the base of the column and then wrap it around the column, pushing each loop of the rope firmly down on top of the one beneath it. It takes a surprising amount of rope to cover an entire column, so buy the longest piece you can find to avoid having to tie pieces together. when you reach the top of the column, tie the rope off at the top in the same way that you tied it at the bottom. The result will be an interesting, textured column with a vaguely nautical feel to it.

Multi-Colored Ropes

You can jazz up your rope column by utilizing differently colored ropes. Try combining white nylon rope with brown hemp rope for an interesting contrast. Simply start with both ropes at the same time, at the bottom of the column, and wrap them around the column together so that they alternate. You can also experiment with different thicknesses of rope, a technique that will result in a more varied texture on the finished column.

Knot Designs

If you are interested in knots you can use on your basement column to create a knot display. rather than simply wrapping the ropes around the column, tie different knots in them as you go. You can use this device to display many different styles of knots, or to create geometric patterns through the repetition of the same knot over and over. A column of hundreds of square knots will create a unique design statement

Vertical Ropes

You can create a distinctly different effect on your rope column by securing the ropes so that they run vertically up the column rather than wrapping around it. To do this, you will need to spread an adhesive on the column to stick the ropes to it, since they won't have any other way of staying on the column. Cut a number of pieces of rope to the same height as the column, or simply reverse the direction of the rope at the top and the bottom of the column.

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