Ideas for an Eagle Diorama

eagle,bald eagle,beak,natural,attitude,tampa,flori image by Earl Robbins from

Creating an eagle diorama can be a challenging project. Eagles live in unique habitats, on cliffs and at the tops of the tallest trees. Eagle dioramas should include the eagle's habitat. Use natural objects like pebbles, sticks and leaf cuttings to build the eagle's perch and nest. Set up your diorama in a shoe box, or use a larger box if you’re feeling ambitious.

Background Habitat

Do some research about the natural habitat of the type of eagle you’re using for your diorama. If your subject is a bald eagle, start by sketching out the scene you’d like to re-create. Bald eagles live on cliffs, so you may want to set the eagle in the nest on the top of a cliff on one side of your diorama with the countryside off in the distance. Create the cliff with real rocks, glued together with superglue; a small rock looks just like a miniature boulder. Use clippings from evergreen trees and construct miniature trees out of them. Make a nest with grass and twigs. Paint the background on the back of the box.

Molding Clay

Molding clay works well for making creatures. Build your bird out of it and use real pieces of feathers to give it a lifelike texture. Make eggs out of clay and set them in the nest. You can perch your eagle on the side of the nest, or use clear fishing line to hang him from the top of the box, in mid-flight.

Beyond the Fourth Wall

Make your diorama extend beyond the sides of the box for a more interactive experience that makes the viewer feel like the scene is bursting out into the real world. Cut off the top of the box and build the cliff above the box’s walls. Attach the eagle to a clear plastic dowel and have him fly high above the cliff. Make tiny deer out of molding clay and place them on the ground below to help build perspective.