How to Write an Artist Bio for a Rapper

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In a society dominated by reality television, blogs and media sensationalism, image is a major concern for musicians and others in the public eye. Rappers often use their biographies to portray themselves in a light enhancing and reflecting the content of their music. Writing objectively is part of the writer's responsibility, as is establishing and promoting the credibility of the rap artist's image.

Listen to the artist's music. Learn what themes are prevalent in the artist's songs and albums. This process enables you to grow closer to him and start to formulate how to approach writing his bio.

Interview the artist and ask her questions about when and why she started rapping, how other artists influenced her, where she grew up and how her environment plays into her music, if at all.

Write an introductory paragraph including the artist's name, genre of music, location and a reputable quote from an industry executive or critic about the artist's music.

Address the artist's current activities in the industry in the second paragraph. Give information about his latest or upcoming release and the impact you expect it to have on the state of rap music or music in general.

Discuss the artist's background and accomplishments. Include lyric quotes from his songs to make stronger points about the style and relevancy of the artist.


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