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How to Work a Singer Knitting Machine

The Singer company produced flat-bed knitting machines that worked on the carriage principle, in which the yarn is threaded through a cam box and is passed over the needles which hook the yarn, knitting it; and round knitting machines geared toward children. The flat-bed machines have been discontinued, but the round knitting machines are still being produced and are available at any fabric or toy store. Knitting machines are capable of creating knitted blankets, sweaters, scarves, hats, practically anything that can be hand-knit in a quarter of the time.

Things You'll Need

  • Singer Knitting Machine
  • Transfer Tool
  • Yarn

Flat-Bed Knitting Machine

Set the machine up on a flat surface according to manufacturer directions, making sure the machine is anchored to the table with the clamps.

Move the carriage or cam box, the mechanism that is threaded with yarn and moves over the needles, to the right.

Move the needles into working position, which means to move them halfway down the bed.

Wind the yarn onto a cone holder, if available, or pull from a yarn ball and pass the end through the carriage, pulling a three-foot tail through the carriage.

Move the carriage to the left, making sure there is enough slack in the yarn so it doesn't pull. Stop the carriage after it passes over the needles to check to see if all the needles have caught the yarn. Pick up any dropped stitches with the transfer tool, which looks like a crochet hook.

Move the carriage back to the right, making sure the yarn is slack coming from the cone or ball, to knit the next row. Repeat until the item is of the desired size.

Children's Knitting Machine

Place the knitting machine on a flat surface.

Insert the loose end of the yarn into the middle of the machine, leaving a long enough tail that it touches the table underneath.

Cast on by winding the yarn around the colored needle to the left of the yarn guide, moving the needle in place if necessary before beginning. Turn the handle on the side of the machine clockwise, while winding the needle behind every other needle as it passes before the yarn guide, stopping at the colored needle.

Pull the yarn through the tension guide, which holds the yarn so it can be knitted.

Turn the handle of the knitting machine clockwise, making sure the yarn from the ball is slack so it can be fed into the machine. Continue until the item is the desired length.


  • Spray silicone to make sure the flat-bed machine's carriage passes over the needles easier.

    Always make sure there is an ample amount of yarn coming from the cone or ball or the carriage won't move.

    When starting to knit with a yarn machine, make sure you go slow to ensure the yarn hits all of the needles.

    Use a row counter to keep track of the rows you knit.

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