How to Word Sponsorship Plaques

Proof your plaque several times.
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If you are presenting donors or honorees with plaques for gifts, you may be wondering exactly what you should include on the face of the plaque. Getting the wording correct is critical to communicating to the donor or honoree that you are respectful and value the person's time and contributions to your organization, school or company. Make sure to proof your plaque several times before signing off on it.

Double-check the spelling of the donor's or honoree's name. Not only is misspelling a person's name embarrassing, but it communicates to the plaque recipient that you do not seriously value his time and effort.

Name the plaque. For example, you could call it "Sponsorship Award" or "Plaque of Service." Giving the plaque a name helps to further honor the recipient.

Open the plaque with a message about why the person is being honored. For example, you might have the following message printed at the top of the plaque: "The Charity X Sponsorship Award is presented to Dr. Emily Jones for her tireless 10 years of service to the children and families of City Y."

Have the date and the location of the plaque presentation engraved below the message.

Have the company's logo or emblem engraved in the middle of the plaque below all of the wording.