How to Word Destination Wedding Invitations

Things You'll Need

  • Invitation source
  • Wedding itinerary
  • Full address of wedding location
  • Accommodations information
  • Attire instructions

A destination wedding presents some special considerations when you are ordering your invitations. Will you be inviting everyone to the wedding or sending out invitations to a reception at home? Will your guests’ accommodations be paid for if they are able to attend the event? Careful wording on your invitation or any inserts will help make your intentions known to your guests.

Be clear about the event. It is not uncommon for couples to have a destination wedding with only close friends and family in attendance, followed by a large reception back at home. Choose your invitation wording carefully to make sure guests know what they are being invited to. Check with your invitation source for wording suggestions for special situations. You can customize sample verses online at sites such as

Include the full address of the wedding location on the invitation. Whereas local weddings may require only a street address, travelers will need city, state and possibly country information.

Provide instructions for what guests should wear. Adding a line at the end of your wedding invitations such “casual attire,” “tropical chic attire" or cocktail attire” will help to ensure that your guests pack appropriate clothing for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Include accommodation information in an insert. Be specific with hotel name recommendations or whether accommodations have been pre-arranged for guests at a discount.

If your wedding already took place afar and you're now throwing a reception, use clear wording that fits the situation. For example, you may want your invitation to say something similar to, "We're home from our destination wedding ceremony and want to celebrate our nuptials with our friends and family."


  • Send out your invitations several months before the date to give guests ample time to plan and make travel arrangements. It is polite to send out a “save the date” card even earlier.

    Choose an invitation that reflects the location and theme of your wedding. If it’s going to be a casual affair on the beach, an informal invitation with beach-inspired details is appropriate.

    Whatever type of wedding, make sure that the wording and invitation coordinate. Don’t pair informal wording with a formal invitation.