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How to Win at Storm Stopper

Storm Stopper Button

Learn how to win untold amounts of tickets at arcades with Storm Stopper. Master the game using simple techniques to make the light stop in between your arches.

Calm down. If you are tense while playing, it will be more difficult to win. Take a few seconds to breathe and calm yourself if necessary.

Get on your knees, or sit if necessary, to put yourself at eye level with the arches. You want the arches to be directly in front of and centered to your eyes, as this will make it easier to stop the light at the correct place.

Put in your quarter and get ready. Some games will reverse the direction of the light to make sure you know it's ready. Allow the light to go around the circle at least a full turn so you can judge the speed and get ready.

Push the button to stop the light a fraction of a second before you think you should. Using this method will slowly, but surely, make you better at stopping the light at the appropriate time.


These steps can also be used on such games as Cyclone and Wheel of Fortune. If playing Cyclone, you are more likely to hit the jackpot as the ticket prize grows larger.


  • Even with these tips, Storm Stopper is a difficult game. Exact timing to hit the jackpot can be as low as 10 milliseconds.
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