How to Vote for Dancing with the Stars

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“Dancing with the Stars” is a competitive dance television series that airs on the ABC network. Professional ballroom dancers are matched with celebrities with no dance experience. Each week, the couples perform a new ballroom dance routine. Their standings depend on a combination of professional judges’ scores and home viewer votes. Whichever couple gets the lowest score and votes is eliminated in the next night’s episode. If you want to vote for your favorite couple, you must follow the show’s specific voting procedures.

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Write down the phone number or text code that the host announces (it also appears on the screen right after your favorite couple finishes dancing). Record the information as soon as the host announces it because “Dancing with the Stars” voting begins during the show and not afterward like most other shows.

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Dial the phone number as soon as possible anytime during the show or for up to 30 minutes after it ends. Wait until you hear an automated recording that states your vote has been cast before hanging up.

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Open a blank text message according to your cell phone’s instructions if you have an AT&T cell phone. Type the couple’s text code into the blank text message screen and send to the text line number anytime during the show or up to 30 minutes afterward.

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Go to the official “Dancing with the Stars” website over 30 minutes after the show is over, when the phone and text voting polls close. Click on your favorite couple’s “Vote” button anytime before 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time the day after the show.


  • Listen carefully to the host’s announcement about how many votes you can cast because the number of votes per viewer can change weekly.


  • Do not wait until the end of the show to call or you may have trouble getting through because the number is busy.

    Do not try to send a text vote if you don’t have an AT&T cell phone--the text lines only accept messages from AT&T phones.


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