How to Use a Sustain Pedal With a Korg Triton

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Things You'll Need

  • Korg Triton
  • Sustain pedal
  • Half-damper pedal (optional)

The sustain pedal on a Korg Triton synthesizer is used to prolong the length a note rings after being played. It is also known as a damper pedal, since it simulates the effect of a piano damper pedal. The Korg Triton supports half-damper pedals for use as a sustain pedal. The only difference between the two is a half-damper pedal is able to partially sustain notes if the pedal is not pressed all the way down.

Plug the cable from the sustain or half-damper pedal into the “Damper” jack on the back of the Triton. The terms “Damper” and “Sustain” are used interchangeably for this pedal. There is no difference between the two.

Turn on the Triton keyboard with the power switch.

Play a note on the keyboard.

Press completely down on the sustain pedal while the note is still ringing. The note continues to play, even if you stop pressing down on the keyboard.

Press the pedal partway down if you are using a half-damper pedal. The note continues to play, but eventually fades out. The half-damper pedal increases the length the note rings without pressing down on the key, but it does not ring indefinitely.

Release the pedal to stop sustaining the note.


  • The Korg DS-1H half-damper pedal is the official sustain pedal for use with the Triton synthesizer.


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