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How to Use a Sonic Maximizer

Use a Sonic Maximizer
Photograph courtesy of www.bbesound.com

A Sonic Maximizer is a unique signal processor designed and trademarked by BBE Sound, Inc., to restore an audio signal's true ambiance of sound through speakers. The units effectiveness in cleaning up a muddy sound and providing clarity and brilliance has made it an essential tool for recording studios and musicians.

Use the BBE Sonic Maximizer to produce sound quality in broadcasting. Radio and television stations use the Sonic Maximizer to add full tonal quality to the sound they send out through digital and analog formats.

Use the BBE Sonic Maximizer to reinforce the sound in your DJ business. Add the maximizer between the equalizer and the speakers. Adjust the Sonic Maximizer after you have dialed in the tone you desire from the equalizer.

Use the BBE Sonic Maximizer for mastering. Recording studios use the Sonic Maximizer to get the best audio quality when mastering the track mixes into a stereo format. BBE Sound developed a Sonic Maximizer plug-in for music recording software that allows you to get the same audio quality as its signal processors. Add the signal processor to your effects "send and return." Adjust the controls accordingly and begin the mix-down of your tracks.

Use the BBE Sonic Maximizer for your musical instruments. Add the Sonic Maximizer after your pre-amp. If you are using pedal effects, then add the signal processor after the effect pedals. This allows the Sonic Maximizer to add it's brilliance and clarity phase techniques to neutralize any phase distortions.

Use the BBE Sonic Maximizer for tape duplication. Add the Sonic Maximizer between your master and the recorder. Test your first recording after you have adjusted the Sonic Maximizer for the best quality.

Use the BBE Sonic Maximizer for recording. Add the signal processor between your instrument and the recording unit. Recording studios use this as a regular feature in their arsenal of processors. When you have the Sonic Maximizer adjusted to your liking, just press record.

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