How to Use a Calligraphy Pen

Calligraphy pens are specially designed to write both thick and thin strokes. Learn how to use a pen for italic hand calligraphy in this free calligraphy lesson from a calligraphy instructor.

About the Author

Mary W. Hart has been a calligrapher for over 35 years, since she first learned it as a student of Arnold Bank at Carnegie Mellon University, in the course of my studies for a Graphic Design BA. Although her background is in traditional lettering styles and formal design projects, her current work focuses on the use of writing as a textural element in her paintings. Mary W. Hart's work ranges from encaustic paintings and three dimensional forms to transcription of lettering on material as diverse as bark, chiffon, rice tissue and paper. The common element in her work is the use of letter forms, both as writing and abstract calligraphic marks. She teach classes in Calligraphy, Graphic Design, Visual Dynamics and Color at Middlesex Community College, The Museum School in Boston, and Cambridge Center for Adult Education.