How to Unstick a Button on a Controller

By Joe Christos
Sticking controller buttons is a common problem amongst gamers.

Video game controller buttons have a habit of becoming stuck and not working. No matter how careful the user is, buttons on a controller can become locked. Luckily there is a simple process to set them back to normal. Controller buttons become stuck when the rubber flap located under the hard plastic button comes off its mold and jams the button into an upright position. In order to reset the rubber button flap, the controller must be taken apart and realigned.

Lay the controller face-down on a flat surface so the buttons are facing away from you.

Locate the screws in the back of the controller and remove each of them with a Phillips screwdriver. (The size of the screwdriver needed varies with the brand of controller).

Pull the back casing of the controller apart from the front to expose the buttons.

Squeeze the white clips on the sides of the controller motherboard and remove it from the case.

Examine the button locations and find the rubber flap that has come off of its button mold and realign it back on the button.

Insert the motherboard back into place and lock the clips back in by pressing down.

Reattach the back casing to the front and then reinstall the screws.

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