How to Tune a Dobro G tuning

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Dobro G Tuning. The first thing to learn dobros or resophonic guitars are how to tune them. Typical dobro tuning is "G tuning". A dobro can be great accompaniment for a guitar player or a group of guitar players.

g string dobro guitar

G Tuning Tuning a lap steel guitar or dobro to "G tuning". Starting with the thickest or deepest string call it 6 then working toward the thinnest string 5,4,3,2, and 1 being the thinnest or highest pitched, of course. Tune the open 6 string to the second G below middle C on a piano, or the third fret 6 string of a standard tuned guitar.

G Tuning The fifth string is tuned to match the sixth when noted with the bar directly over the fourth fret of the sixth string. This is the pitch of B. The sound of the open fifth should match the sixth at the fourth fret.

Guitar neck

G Tuning Tuning the fourth string is done by matching the open fourth string to the fifth string when noted on the third fret. The pitch is D.

g string

G Tuning Tuning the third string is done by noting the fourth string at the fifth fret. This pitch is G.

G Tuning Tuning the second string is done by noting the third string at the fourth fret. This pitch is B.

G Tuning Tuning the first string is done by noting the second string at the third fret. This pitch is C.

G Tuning Here it is in numbers you can see.

6 to G using a source

6 string 4 fret 5 string 3 fret 4 string 5 fret 3 string 4 fret 2 string 3 fret 1 string open

The sound of a dobro can be beautiful music. Learning G Tuning is no more a difficult task on a lap guitar than a regular guitar.


From the sixth to the first the pitches are G,B,D,G,B,D Notice there are only three pitches one G the another G one octave apart. When strummed the strings should sound like a G chord.


Do not over tighten you will snap a guitar string. If you are not sure if a string is to high or to low loosen it. Then you know it is to low and can tighten it to tune it with out breaking the string by over tightening.

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