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How to Troubleshoot a DJ Hero Turntable

The DJ Hero uses wireless technology.
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DJ Hero was released in late 2009, an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of rhythm party games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero. The DJ Hero game pack came with a turntable in lieu of a controller. The turntable is connected to your game console through a USB cord or wireless "dongle." If you've lost functionality in your turntable or it simply isn't working the way it should, it likely is the result of a poor connection or lack of power. Test for a few common issues before seeking service.

Check to ensure that the dongle is inserted correctly into your console. The dongle is used for PlayStation 2 and 3 versions of DJ Hero only. The dongle should be inserted into the first port. If the dongle was loose or in the second port, the receiver is likely failing to detect the signal from the actual turntable.

Flip over the turntable and check to see if the platter is securely attached to the base of the turntable. During game play it could become loose. Unlock the platter by sliding the lock button over and separating the platter and the base. Then, snap the two together and lock back into place again. If your turntable begins working, it was likely a loose connection due to a poor platter connection.

Open the flap at the top-left side of the turntable. Check for connectivity lighting, which appears differently depending on the type of console you use. Whichever console you're connected to, the panel should have connectivity lights. If they're out, your battery might be dead.

Replace the batteries by flipping over the console again and prying up the panel on the bottom-right side. The turntable requires two AA batteries to be functional during game play. By supplying a fresh pair of batteries, you can check to see if you have a power problem.

Remove other wireless devices in the area. If you're trying to play a game and the turntable is only recognized by the game part of the time, it could be a disruption in the wireless signal, specifically on PlayStation devices. Remove Bluetooth, cordless phones and anything else that could be affecting your signal, and restart the game to see if that enhances smooth game play.

Contact Activision for service or a replacement turntable. If your turntable wheel makes excessive noise or becomes stiff, or if you hear a rattling inside the platter, your turntable is likely damaged and will need to be serviced or replaced. Call 800-225-6588 to discuss warranty options and how to pursue service.

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