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How to Track Down a Celebrity

Celebrity watching is one of the world's favorite pastimes. The mystery and glamor surrounding stars give fans an escape from day-to-day life, allowing them to glimpse near-fantasy lifestyles. While few people are lucky enough to live right down the street from their favorite stars, there are ways to track down and stay in touch with even the brightest and most pursued in the bunch. Read on to learn how to track down a celebrity.

Track Down a Celebrity's Mailing or Email Address

Look for your favorite celebrity on websites like MySpace. If he has a MySpace page, it may list the city and state in which he lives.

Find your celebrity's fan website. Though this website is unlikely to lead you straight to your celebrity's place of residence, it may provide information about where you can send fan letters.

Try the white pages of the phone directory--including older copies--for the city in which your celebrity lives. This is a long shot, as most stars don't list themselves in such directories. However, this may help you if your celebrity is just beginning the steep climb to widespread stardom.

Visit a website that has a database of celebrity mailing addresses, such as Seeing-stars or Write to a Celeb.

Obtain a map of the stars from a website like Bconnex or Seeing-Stars. You shouldn't get your hopes up too much, however, as these maps are often outdated. They are often good if you just want to get a glimpse of where your favorite stars used to live.

Keep up with celebrity gossip columns and entertainment news to learn where your favorite stars like to hang out and relax. This may give you a lead on which cities they live in or frequent for entertainment purposes.

Track down your favorite celebrity's email address on fan sites, MySpace pages and celebrity directories like Seeing-Stars and Write to a Celeb. Email addresses tend to be far easier to obtain than physical addresses.

Search on celebrity message boards for like-minded fans who are trying to track down the same stars. If someone else hits pay dirt, she may be willing to share her knowledge with you. You can find such forums on a site like Movie Eye.


  • Never stalk a celebrity, even for something as innocent as an autograph. Stars find such behavior rather creepy, and doing so could land you in jail.
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