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How to Thread a Princess Sewing Machine

The many dials, levers and pins on a Princess sewing machine may be off-putting to the casual user. Although it may appear complicated, threading the machine is not actually that difficult. Threading the bobbin and running the thread through guides, holes and dials up and down the machine may seem as complex as rigging a ship the first time around, but as with most skills, once learned it will become as easy as tying your shoes.

Thread the bobbin by placing the spool of thread on the spool pin on top of the machine and feeding the thread through the tension dial on the side of the machine near the needle. The thread should run between the second and third disks of the tension dial. Run the thread back up and push it through the hole in the empty bobbin. Pull the thread about 2 inches through the bobbin and pull the hand roller out to lock it.

Hold onto the excess thread that has been threaded through the empty bobbin and press down on the pedal briefly to secure it. Cut off the excess thread and then press on the pedal again to pull more thread into the bobbin. When the bobbin is full, cut it free from the thread and open the bobbin case cover below the needle. Remove the bobbin case, place the bobbin inside it and thread some of the excess thread through the slit in the bobbin case. Place the bobbin case back in the cavity and close the cover.

Run the thread through the first thread guide with the spool of thread still on the spool pin and then through the notch beside this guide. Continue running the thread down between the second and third disks of the tension dial and then back up and through the hoop of the take-up lever.

Run the thread vertically downward through another thread guide and then through the twisted pin just beneath this thread guide. Continue running the thread downward and thread it through the needle. The Princess machine is now threaded and ready for operation.

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