How to Tap Pencils & Make a Beat

It's amazing what you can find and use to create music when you use your imagination. If you enjoy pounding out rhythms and beats, you can use a huge variety of items to create these beats. One item that is perfect for making rhythms is a simple pencil. Take a pencil in both hands and learn how to tap these pencils and make a beat. The possibilities are almost limitless for what kinds of beats you can make up.

Hold a pencil in one hand. Grasp the pencil between your thumb and second finger.

Place your fifth finger, fourth finger and third finger free of the pencil and allow these fingers to tap the flat surface before you tap the pencil onto the surface. Do this tapping sequence either fast or slower. You can also vary and change the speeds from slower to faster and then slower again.

Hit the palm of your hand onto the flat surface for a bass rhythm sound.

Change the sequence of the three different sounds to create different rhythms and beats. For example: Pencil, fingers, fingers, rest, palm, pencil, pencil, fingers, fingers, fingers, rest. Switch around the speed and the intensity of your beats for more variation.

Turn on some music and have fun making beats with your pencils and hands.


  • Either use your other hand to make a complementary beat along with the pencil or place a pencil in each hand.