How to Talk Tough Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017

How to Talk Tough Like Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of the things that made Arnold Schwarzenegger such a successful action star was his ability to talk tough. Through the years of his acting career, he honed this talent into nothing less than a science. The science, however, is an easy one to follow.

Learn to craft your current situation into a clever pun. For example, a person who is getting smart somehow gets doused in ice water. It would then be your job to inform the person to "chill out." These corny tough guy one-liners are the stuff of Schwarzenegger legend.

Deliver dialogue in a calculated, even tone. In all cases but a few, Arnold's strength and flawless self-confidence dictated that he did not need to yell and scream to get his point across.

Accompany the toughest and most hard-hitting comments with an icy-cold glare and disgusted sneer.

Be ready to rebut any trash talking with a quick retort. This may just mean repeating the same threat, only redirecting it toward the trash talker. Look to the hotel fight scene in Commando for an example of this technique at work.


Never write a check that your body cannot cash. If you get into a tough-talking situation, make sure that the situation does not end with you running away or crying like a baby. Do not try to copy an Austrian accent. If you don't come by the accent naturally, you will only come off looking like a person who does poor Schwarzenegger impressions.

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