How to Submit Art to DeviantART

How to Submit Art to DeviantART. While most artists sell their paintings through their own websites in addition to gallery sales, other online sources serve as a gallery for certain art genres., established in 2000, serves as an artistic community and online marketplace for painters, photographers and other creative artists to showcase and discuss their work. Users create personal pages to exhibit their work and interact with other members via messaging and bulletin boards.

Sign up for a free membership and create your own deviantART page. Follow the instructions to upload thumbnails of your art and type in text and descriptions when you submit it. You gain access to most of the Deviant assets with a free membership, including uploading your own profile and gallery of artwork. You may offer your prints, paintings, books or photographs for sale through deviantART.

Upgrade to a subscription deviantART account. This paid feature allows users to utilize larger thumbnails, a personal calendar, shoutbox and forum and customize their page with additional features. An artist may purchase a 1-month, 3-month or 1-year subscription.

Add an image by clicking on the "Submit Deviation" icon under choices. Check "Yes" underneath the Terms of Service Agreement and you'll get the "Submit Art" screen. Enter a title for your work, then choose a category from the drop-down list. When you make a choice like "painting," other lists will appear, prompting you to describe the piece in more detail. A drawing can be described as conceptual or storybook, for example.

Upload a JPEG of your drawing, painting or print. You may add comments about the work in the "Artist's Comments" box, and enter keywords so people can find your work more easily. You may disable or encourage comments through the Deviation Options, and warn viewers about mature art content.

Click on the optional "Creative Commons" license if you want to share your art and receive proper credit for it. You may let people share and distribute the work you submit for non-commercial use with proper attribution, and allow or restrict derivative versions of the piece.

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