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How to String an Ibanez RG Series Guitar

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Replacing strings on an Ibanez RG series guitar can be one of the trickiest tasks when it comes to setting up your guitar properly. However, there are several techniques to setting up a full floating bridge that can prevent you from turning a simple string change into an all-day event. The trick is to replace and retune one string at a time.

Things You'll Need:

  • Side Cutters
  • New Set Of Strings
  • Ibanez Allen Wrench Set

Remove the locking nut for the strings Low E and A using the Ibanez Allen wrench set. Leave the other two locking nuts in place at this time. Remove the Low E string by detuning it via the string tuners. Turning the key counterclockwise will accomplish this task.

Unlock the E string from the bridge by loosening the Allen screw that retains the string retainer. This should be done using the Ibanez Allen wrench set. Be careful not to loose the string clamp, as it can fall out if you turn the guitar face down.

Turn the fine tune adjuster for the E string in halfway to allow for fine tuning later.

Cut the ball end off the replacement E string using your side cutters. This end should then be placed in the string retainer clip and tightened down with the Ibanez Allen wrench set. Tune the string to pitch.

Remove the A string in the same fashion as you did the Low E string and follow steps 3 and 4 as you replace the string. Check the Low E and the A string to ensure they are both to pitch.

Remove the locking nut for the D string and the G string. Complete steps 2 through 5.

Remove the locking nut for the B string and the High E string. Complete steps 2 through 5.

Cycle through the strings to make sure they are all in tune. If they’ve moved slightly, make the necessary adjustments going from Low E to High E.

Tighten the locking nuts starting from Low E to High E.

Use fine tuner to make any final adjustments to tuning.


  • Most strings are prestretched, but many people will pull up on their strings to stretch them. This can work well on a fixed bridge, but on full floaters, it can cause the bridge to move, which will cause tuning issues.
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