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How to Stop Background Music

Truning off background music eliminates distraction.
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Multitasking on a computer is something that we all do in this modern digital age. It is very possible to become distracted by all of the stimuli that comes from this multitasking. When your concentration is key to completing your work on the computer, you need to be able to turn off all of the background music that takes away from your full attention. Turning off background music on a Windows-based PC only requires a few simple steps.

Go into your computer's Control Panel. You can access this by clicking on the start icon at the bottom-left portion of your screen. You will then see an option for getting into your Control Panel.

Click on the Hardware and Sound tab to access the audio controls of your computer. This tab will give you the opportunity to customize settings within your computer's built-in audio card.

Click on the Sound tab. This will pull up the available audio resources for your computer's audio output. You will see one checked for enabling, and usually others that are lying dormant.

Disable the sound card by clicking "Disable" from the multiple choices on that screen. This will turn off any sound that is being sent to the speakers of your computer. The background music that once played while you browsed the Internet will now disappear, at least until you enable the computer's sound card once again.


A quicker solution for manually turning off your computer's background music is to simply click the "Audio" button from your computer's keyboard. This will not disable the flow of musical information that can sometimes affect your bandwidth, like disabling your sound card will do.


  • Remember to go back into your computer's Control Panel when you are ready to enable sound once again.
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