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How to Stay Awake During a Movie

Watch movies with themes and genres that interest you.
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Getting sleepy while watching a movie can be a challenge, especially to people who had a very tiring day. Oftentimes, they end up falling asleep inside the cool and dark movie theater. Some who didn’t get enough sleep also tend to experience the same concern when watching a movie. If you're one of those who experience this problem even if you are not stressed, tired or lacking sleep, this requires additional effort to make sure you still finish watching a movie.

Drink something cold, whether an ice cold water or something with caffeine. When watching a movie, a soda is a good option. If you’re a coffee person and it generally helps you stay awake, then drinking hot or cold coffee can help. Take note that the effects of these drinks vary from person to person. You would know which one really helps your body feel more awake by trying them all in different circumstances.

Eat snacks to make your mind more occupied. This can be the classic movie companion popcorn, a sandwich, burger, chocolate, ice cream or any other snack. The chewing movement and the taste of good food help keep the brain more active.

Take candy or gum so you can chew on something even without snacks. In case you don’t have the chance to step out of the movie theater to get food, it is always best to carry something sweet with you in your pocket or your bag. Generally, sugar gives the body a quick energy boost.

Take an energy drink or an energy strip. If a regular dose of coffee or other cold or caffeinated beverages don’t work -- especially if you are sleepless or very exhausted -- an energy drink or an energy strip that resembles a breath strip can help you get that needed energy to keep yourself awake.

Move around and sit up straight. Sometimes, a cold and dark theater or room tends to make the body relaxed enough to the point of getting sleepy. If you’re watching a DVD or Blu-ray at home, avoid lying down. When you feel like almost dozing off already, move around, stand and get on your feet to help increase your heart rate.

Splash your face with water or spray a facial mist to freshen up and feel more lively.

Increase the volume of the movie if you're watching a TV movie or a movie in DVD or Blu-ray.

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