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How to Speak Like an Auctioneer

To some people it may sound like a foreign language, but there is a system and purpose for the way an auctioneer speaks. The speed makes it exciting and the rhythm makes it almost musical. Here are some tips to help you speak like an auctioneer.

Understand the chant. To many people, an auctioneer's chant sounds like numbers and a whole bunch of gibberish. This chant actually serves a specific purpose and contains no gibberish. The chant is composed of two parts--the numbers and the filler. Numbers are the bids and filler is the words that connect the numbers and keep buyers informed as to who has the bid and what the product is.

Create a basic chant. A simple chant goes something like this, "One dollar, now 2, now 2, will you give me 2? Two dollars, now 3, now 3, will you give me 3?" Come up with something on your own to reflect your personality, and remember to keep it fairly simple.

Set a rhythm. The rhythmic nature of an auctioneer's chant is what allows them to talk so fast. Think of it as almost singing. Practice with a metronome to help you find a comfortable rhythm and always be pushing yourself to go a little faster.

Work on your filler. Remember, these are not supposed to be gibberish. Use filler that keeps the audience informed. Say who has the bid, information about the item and ask open-ended questions. Just make sure you keep up your rhythm with your filler.

Slur your filler words. Slurring the words will give the illusion of talking faster. Of course, there is a sensitive balance to making your filler sound fast and natural without it sounding like gibberish.

Keep up the pace and excitement. The speed of how an auctioneer speaks serves two purposes. It helps the auctioneer get through more products and it keeps a level of excitement for the customers. Speak with speed and excitement, and make sure you transition from one item to another quickly and seamlessly.


If you want to really speak like an auctioneer well, you need to practice your chant. Work on it and record yourself so you can review your chant later. If you get good at it, consider auctioneer school and possibly a lucrative new career.

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