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How to Skitch in Tony Hawk's Underground

If the words ollie, nollie, kickflip and grind are unfamiliar to you, you have never played a "Tony Hawk" game. The "Tony Hawk" series of skating video games introduces you to the tricks of a skater and encourages you to perform them for points. In “Tony Hawk's Underground,” you can perform a trick known as a skitch, a hybrid of "skate" and "hitch." Skitching involves grabbing the back of a moving vehicle for a free ride. Use a skitch to get around the cities of “Tony Hawk's Underground” while also adding points to your skater score.

Skate around the city using the directional pad or left analog stick until you locate a moving vehicle such as a car, truck or golf cart.

Angle your skater toward the rear of the vehicle and begin skating at it.

Press “Up” on your controller as soon as your skater makes contact with the back of the vehicle. Your skater will grab the vehicle and begin skitching.

Hold down the jump button as soon as you start skitching: Use “A” on the Xbox or GameCube controller or “X” on the PlayStation 2 controller. Keep the button depressed throughout the skitch.

Watch the balance meter that appears on the bottom of the screen. Tilt your analog stick in the opposite direction of the pointer on the meter. Tilt right if the pointer moves left and tilt left if the pointer moves right. Keep the pointer close to the middle of the meter.

Press the shoulder buttons on your controller to move to the left and right of the vehicle while skitching. Do this to avoid obstacles.

Release the jump button when you want to exit the skitch. Your skater will use the built-up momentum of the vehicle to launch into the air.


Enter “rearrider” in the cheat menu to unlock “Perfect Skitches,” which means you do not have to worry about the balance meter during a skitch.

If the pointer on the balance meter falls too far to one end, you will wipe out. Release the jump button before the meter falls to bail out of the skitch without losing points.

The longer you hold the skitch, the more points you will receive. Some goals in the game require you to skitch for a certain length of time.

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