How to Sing Gospel

How to Sing Gospel. The power and beauty in voices of famous gospel singers like Mahalia Jackson and Edwins Hawkins Singers inspires many people in their faith. If you sing in your church choir or do other types of secular singing and want to branch out into gospel singing, be prepared for lots of hard work.

Do exercises to improve your breath control. Next to opera, gospel ranks as the most demanding vocal style to sing due to the dramatic and emotional phrases and powerful delivery needed to project the material. You'll want to learn about breathing from the diaphragm and filling up the stomach like a balloon with air to sing on the breath.

Find a gospel choir or group. Audition for several before you find the right fit. You need to consider the music choices and personality of the choir director and members, as well as the worship style of the church itself.

Listen to and learn classic and contemporary gospel songs. In the rapidly changing world of gospel you may sing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "O Happy Day" during one service, along with a contemporary gospel tune. The belting gospel style of old is interspersed with a new R and B style and even hip-hop gospel artists.

Warm up properly before practice with the choir and do warm up exercises again with the choir. Find your best fit in the group. Not everyone can be a Yolanda Adams or Kirk Franklin and shine as a soloist. Some voices work better in the background.

Imbue your singing with joy. After all, gospel music always involves a tribute to the Lord.

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