How to Sharpen Wiss Pinking Shears

tin foil image by Karin Lau from

Things You'll Need

  • Tin foil
  • Scissors

Pinking shears are a special type of scissors used by crafters and sewing enthusiasts to give a piece of fabric an individualized zigzag finish. A good quality pair of Wiss pinking shears can cost quite a bit of money, but the added expense can ensure that the shears last for several years. The only maintenance required on these shears is a good sharpening every few years. If your Wiss pinking shears have become dull, you can sharpen them at home with a tool from your kitchen cabinet or pantry.

Cut a 4-inch piece of tin foil from the roll.

Fold the piece five times to make it thicker and easier to handle around the dull pinking blade.


Cut the tin foil piece with the Wiss pinking shears, making sure that all of the teeth of the shears come into contact with the tin foil.


Cut a piece of fabric with the shears.

Repeat these steps until you can easily cut the fabric with the sharpened Wiss pinking shears.