How to Sew With Felt

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017

How to Sew With Felt. Felt makes a great medium for a wide variety of arts and crafts. Felt is sturdy, comes in an astounding array of colors, doesn't ravel and is perfect for beginner sewing. Follow these tips and get started sewing with this great all-purpose fabric.

Choose the right pattern. Felt is stiffer than most fabrics, so choose a relatively simple pattern with a few large pieces. Wee Wonderfuls and AllSorts (see Resources) have free patterns for felt crafts available for download.

Pick the right felt for the job. Felt ranges from very soft to extremely stiff. Medium-weight felt (the most common type) is suitable for most crafts and sewing projects.

Select a color. Felt comes in every color imaginable, so your imagination is your only limit. Felt is cheap, too, so make your crafts in as many funky color combinations as you can fathom.

Fill your crafts with special stuffing. Many felt crafts call for stuffing, so try turning your kitty-cat craft or Christmas ornament gifts into aromatherapy pillows and sachets. Simply mix dried herbs or potpourri in with the stuffing.

Use decorative stitches when you sew or craft with felt. Here's another use for all those beautifully colored embroidery flosses you've been hoarding; use floss in contrasting colors to make a whipstitch around the edges of a felt project or just embroider your crafts.

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